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What is "Lightning in a Bottle"?

Your cellphone is a perfect example:

Wild, untempered power, tamed inside a device that puts the world at your fingertips.

I am Trevor Foley:

Lightning in a bottle you can own/Copywriter.

My process begins with you.

Whether you have a want, a need, or a problem to solve, you're handing me a lightning rod.

  1. I ask pertinent questions (tell me anything and everything).

  2. I devour every ounce of research.

  3. I sit down at my typewriter--where lightning always strikes.

  4. And, it's just that easy (for you).

Profile Picture.jpeg

At my best, I'm your greatest collaborator, your biggest fan, and the Merlin to your King Arthur.

At my least, I am a professional, punctual plumber paid to fix your leaky faucet.
Wherever we stand, my ambition is to be the first/last call you make when you require lightning in a bottle, or just a top-shelf copywriter.

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